Closing time

Today our family begins to say our last goodbyes to the home we've lived in for more than a decade.

As The Husband said, in order to make our house look like somewhere you'd want to live, we had to make it unliveable.

We're all looking forward to the new house, of course. More elbow room for the kids as they get bigger, new views...

But it's bittersweet leaving the home I brought my babies home to, the home in which I became an artist. I'll have a home studio soon (!), but it'll be... different.

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"Medicine Ball": throwdown of the arts

Ladies! Gentlemen! No need to fight over me: there's plenty of my art to go around! [secretly hopes her art inspires the duelers to throw down harder]

"It's Already Happened Here" by Lisa Myers Bulmash. ©2017

"It's Already Happened Here" by Lisa Myers Bulmash. ©2017

I'm one of seven visual artists whose work kicks off Seattle's literary Cage Match of the Millennium. We've created work especially for "Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets." 

A team of playwrights and a team of poets are now creating works inspired by the visual art, which speaks to the theme of "unity." Then on the weekend of June 22nd, the teams face off in front of an audience -- that's where you come in -- and the audience decides which poem or play they like best. Mainly, this battle is for (a little bit of) honor and glory: Winners take home a bottle of cheap wine; losers get a can of warm, cheap beer.

Should be interesting to see where they take my collage, which addresses a harsher kind of unity.

I'm sure the Confederate flag and the illustration of human trafficking are going to be a challenge. But you're up to it, right, poets? How about you, playwrights?

I'll have the scrambled artist brain, please

This is how my brain operates right now: all the thoughts at the same time! The house/ the yard/ the art/ the grocery shopping...

My brain is too scrambled. I plan on taking a break from the chaos at Juan Alonso Studio this weekend...

First Thursday Art Walk, Front Room Gallery @ Juan Alonso Studio. Photo credit: Roger Stuckly

First Thursday Art Walk, Front Room Gallery @ Juan Alonso Studio. Photo credit: Roger Stuckly

... where my (completed!) artwork will be on display during Second Saturday open studios. We're adding another artist to the mix: Anna Mastronardi Novak brings small encaustic work for a pop-up show.

And studio time is coming this weekend! I think! I hope...

Making an appearance in the "Front Room"

I had such a great time at Juan Alonso Studio last week...

Juan Alonso-Rodriguez pauses for a moment at his birthday fundraiser. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

Juan Alonso-Rodriguez pauses for a moment at his birthday fundraiser. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

... I'm coming back to his space this week too!

I've been invited to show some of my work in the Front Room Gallery at Juan Alonso Studio. On First Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square, I'll debut a new collage as well as some others you might have missed. Details:

Oh, and in case you were wondering, last week's fundraiser was a smash! Juan presented small works by 120 artists, including me, and raised a pretty penny for Lambda Legal, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

I'm just amazed I've gotten to double-dip, so to speak, and spend more time with such a wonderful artist. Will you join us?

Juan Alonso Studio fundraiser: claim your art

It's finished and delivered: the 6" x 6" artwork I created for next week's fundraiser at Juan Alonso Studio!

Juan is partnering with Project 106 artist studios for this fundraiser, which will benefit the ACLU, Lambda Legal and Planned Parenthood. With that last organization in mind, I made this piece honoring Anarcha, Betsy and Lucy. They were three of twelve enslaved women who survived the medical experiments of Dr. J. Marion Sims. Because of their sacrifices, he became known as the father of modern gynecology.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

More importantly, the women's sacrifices back then mean more women today recover from difficult childbirths. I hope the sales of artwork in this show can help support women who depend on Planned Parenthood for their health care.

Credit: Juan Alonso Studio

Credit: Juan Alonso Studio

At first, all the art was going to be available first-come-first-served, starting April 28th. But so many people liked the art they saw online, Juan is now taking reservations for specific artworks. So I think it's all right to say this: if you want one, SPEAK NOW or forever hold your peace.

Good luck staking your claim!