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Coming soon: "Locally Sourced"

If you've never been to the Pacific Northwest, this "Portlandia" sketch will give you a (slightly exaggerated) taste of the obsession over 'local origins.'

What -- and who -- qualifies as "local?" That's the Big Question behind our exhibit at the Columbia City Gallery.

20150417_153852 - Copy.jpg

All four contributing artists are women of color who've lived here for a long time: Carletta Carrington Wilson, Bernadette Merikle, Susan Ringstad Emery and me. I think of us all as local, as familiar as coffee in Seattle. But you know how people talk about coffee here: like it's some rare, exotic thing seen only once in a blue moon. 

coffee beans_energy boost_tired_work.jpeg

Not surprising, then, that a coffee-related marketing blurb encapsulated that paradox, which I wanted to convey in my collages: "Rare & Exquisite."


Each of us artists has a different take on being local. Carletta's textile work speaks to migrations through time and space. Bernadette imagines her ancestors deciding the question of local origins. And Susan, who calls herself an urban Iñupiat, considers Native (and "native") Seattle icons. Come see for yourself: the opening reception for "Locally Sourced" is May 19th at 5pm PST. Hope to see you in a few hours!

"Like Mother..." at TAM: supporting each other

Onward and upward!


Up to the third floor of the Tacoma Art Museum, which is hosting the current manifestation of Like Mother, Like Daughter until the end of March. After the hectic pace of the past few months, I really appreciated the opportunity to unwind, in a sunny room, with the contributing artists.

Some of the marvelous artists contributing to Like Mother, Like Daughter

Some of the marvelous artists contributing to Like Mother, Like Daughter

What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than with these beautiful minds and their work?


Speaking of supporting people you love...


... someone has spoken up for a collage in the exhibit You're Not From Around Here, Are You? In fact, the collector contacted me two different ways to make sure this piece was still available for purchase.

Safe-Not Safe Semiahmoo - crop.jpg

If you're interested in one of these pieces, please let me know through the Contact Me page. (And yes, I do installment payment plans.) If you haven't already, I'd suggest you visit the exhibit while it's still up at the Northwest African American Museum: art always looks so much better in person.

Artist talk: Inside the minds of two black Northwest artists

How could you miss a chance to hear from the photographer who created this portrait?

Vin & Harlowe Shambry, by Intisar Abioto/The Black Portlanders

Vin & Harlowe Shambry, by Intisar Abioto/The Black Portlanders

I mean, if you've visited You're Not From Around Here, Are You? you might've heard and seen some of what goes on in my head...

Arrache-Torn Away.jpg

Now imagine those minds connecting, and sharing what goes on to make and show these artworks! Intriguing, huh? Please join us for our conversation at the Northwest African American Museum on February 25th. Details:

Hope to see you soon!