Artist Statement

I remix vintage images into surreal, contemporary settings to explore identity and family relationships. The completed works often resonate most with viewers who experience a sense of erasure and invisibility in their daily lives.

I make collages, altered books, and assemblage sculptures. My practice incorporates layers of image transfers, acrylics, fine art papers and found objects to tell an embellished story. As the eye collects each symbolic detail, the viewer builds the narrative in cooperation with the artist.

I choose to center the African American experience, to expand the classical practice of using an individual narrative to illuminate the general human condition. In other words, I tell our shared stories in a voice shaped by my experiences in a black and female body. It is up to you, the viewer, to recognize yourself in the new narrative.


Lisa Myers Bulmash is a collage and book artist who works primarily in acrylics, paper and found objects. Informally trained, Myers Bulmash began her career making handmade cards. After her father’s death in 2006, the artist felt compelled to take more personal risks in her creative life.  Questions of identity, family relationships and the human impulse toward sanctuary now drive most of her work. The artist aims to nudge the viewer into recognizing our shared stories, especially those narratives that are usually experienced in isolation.

Collage work by Myers Bulmash resides in the city of Seattle’s Portable Works Collection, which includes art by Barbara Earl Thomas, Dale Chihuly and Kara Walker. She is also the winner of a 2016 Sustainable Arts Foundation grant, an award to support artists with children under age 18. The artist’s work and commentary have been highlighted in five books as well. Myers Bulmash exhibits her work in group and solo shows throughout the Seattle metro area.