"The Red List" is the hot ticket for October

Ya know what’s worth braving cold temperatures and work week fatigue? A roomful of butterflies and moths… and the people who love them.

Ghost Gallery’s opening reception for “The Red List” was pleasantly packed, partly thanks to The Stranger recommending the exhibit as a hot pick. I met lots of new people, and old friends also showed up to see my collages in person. Which reminds me…


The gallery is open every day except Mondays. So you get nearly a whole month to decide which moths or butterflies you’d like to give a new home.

Checkerspot butterflies (which also appear in my collages) by Amber Anderson & Kira Rae Luongo

Checkerspot butterflies (which also appear in my collages) by Amber Anderson & Kira Rae Luongo

Bonus: part of your purchase will help protect the threatened current habitats of these endangered animals. The gallery will donate a percentage of sales to the Xerces Society’s conservation work. So if it’s just too chilly at night to see the show, tomorrow’s a new, warmer day to drop by. Just follow this handy guide to finding Ghost Gallery… oh, and save a cupcake for me.

"The Red List": Do you know the password?

You might get to see “The Red List” exhibit at Ghost Gallery five days before everyone else — at your own pace! — if you follow these steps:

  • Check your email for the password to access the online preview. (Not on my mailing list? Sign up here.)

  • I’ll send you the password.

  • At 12pm today, click on the link to browse the artwork. Take your time before making any decisions… sleep on it if you want.

  • But don’t take too much time — on Tuesday, October 8th, that’s when the public can access the show online.

The physical exhibit opens October 10th during the Capitol Hill Art Walk, which means two things: the pleasure of enjoying art in person, and the task of navigating art walk crowds. Fortunately, the online preview helps if you need a minute to decide what you want. Once you know that, you can make a beeline to it at the reception. Saves time and decision-making brain power. (You’re welcome.)

Of course, you could just delay the whole thing until just before the show closes on November 10th… but why?

What does an artist "drawing board" look like?

People keep “going back to the drawing board”… where is this legendary place, anyway?

WA Hall + sketches.jpg

It was in Washington Hall this week, and on this drawing board were the first sketches of an upcoming art project/ apartment building in Seattle’s Central District. Curator Bill Gaylord went over the initial plans for 12th Avenue and Yesler Way. You might know the location as the old Seattle Curtain Manufacturing Company; some of its remaining fabrics will go into textile art created by the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters.

artists & community audience.jpg

Civic arts leader Vivian Phillips then introduced the rest of the artist team: Marita Dingus, Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, June Sekiguchi, Romson Regarde Bustillo, Jite Agbro, Jonathan Clarren, Jeffery Veregge, Lawrence Pitre and me.

It’s super-early days for this two-year project. It still needs lots of input from the neighbors so it doesn’t end up just another big box of gentrified property. But I joined this project because I hope the building becomes responsive part of the historic neighborhood, like the Liberty Bank Building. Maybe that’s a high bar, but I think it’s possible.