Artist talk: Inside the minds of two black Northwest artists

How could you miss a chance to hear from the photographer who created this portrait?

Vin & Harlowe Shambry, by Intisar Abioto/The Black Portlanders

Vin & Harlowe Shambry, by Intisar Abioto/The Black Portlanders

I mean, if you've visited You're Not From Around Here, Are You? you might've heard and seen some of what goes on in my head...

Arrache-Torn Away.jpg

Now imagine those minds connecting, and sharing what goes on to make and show these artworks! Intriguing, huh? Please join us for our conversation at the Northwest African American Museum on February 25th. Details:

Hope to see you soon!

Black History Month/ Black Futures Month

The folks at the Northwest African American Museum have the right idea: change things up for Black History Month 2018. It's time to rename February Black Futures Month.

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I went to Amazon recently to share images from You're Not From Around Here, Are You?, my ongoing art exhibit at NAAM. Members of the Black Employees Network welcomed me to the Expressions Lab, an employee space for art classes. Favorite moment: when an audience member confided his personal connection to a safe space highlighted in the Safety Zone chalkboard installation.

20171115_102555 - Copy.jpg

I also visited the Summit Library to provide an art-making space during the African American Read-In. More accurately, I prepped the collage space and got out of the way: the visitors' enthusiasm did most of the work for me.

read-in collage.jpg

Hands-down favorite Read-In moment: when the event coordinator showed me the altered book she'd been inspired to create, after seeing the altered books in my exhibit.


And I'm so grateful for the personal stories people shared with me during the Family-Focused Collage workshop I taught at NAAM. The paint was flying, people were laughing... thank goodness one of the students urged us to take a class picture so we'd have that mememto.


I'm having the time of my life, during what may be the busiest February of my life. But it's not over yet: on February 25th, NAAM is hosting my artist talk with Intisar Abioto of The Black Portlanders photography blog! More details here. We're looking forward to sharing our work and our perspectives with you!

NAAM exhibit: calendar filling up

Have you checked my Facebook page recently? February is filling up fast.

Remember the collage workshop I'm teaching at the Northwest African American Museum? It's next weekend, February 4th. Sign up here. You bring your photos, I'll bring (part of) my collage paper stash.

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And later that month, I'm hoping you'll join me for an artist talk with photographer Intisar Abioto of The Black Portlanders.

Among other things, we're interested in what inclusion means in the Northwest for people of African descent. We'll also discuss how that inclusion (or lack thereof) impacts our respective art practices. Let us know you're coming; RSVP here and bring a friend!

Book of Bulmash, chapter 103

Book of Bulmash, chapter 103

calm breakfast.jpg
  1. The mother peered into her coffee cup, trying to name the peculiar experience in which she found herself.
  2. Had her soul left her body without her notice? Had she awoken to life in another universe?
  3. Was the Apocalypse truly upon the family?
  4. For the nine year-old had arisen from his bed with very little resistance that dawn.
  5. The child recounted to his mother that he had resisted the temptation to sneak downstairs to the kitchen at midnight;
  6. He had consumed a snack, but not one forbidden to him at that hour;
  7. And further, the child announced, "I refrained from eating my snack upstairs in my bed --- nay, I ate at the kitchen table as I should.
  8. "And then I cleaned up after my snack and returned to my bed to sleep."
  9. The mother's eyes scanned the kitchen, but found no evidence to disprove the child's tale.
  10. With some effort, she closed her slack jaw.
  11. Meanwhile, the boy proceeded to consume his breakfast and morning dietary supplementation.
  12. Then a great and nearly-incomprehensible revelation dawned in the mother's mind:
  13. The child was Following Directions... without being goaded into this behavior by maternal rage and frustration.
  14. The family was witnessing a morning ritual that would nourish all, body and soul.
  15. The mother made sure to thank her son with genuine gratitude, bestowing a kiss to the forehead.
  16. Then she returned to her caffeine and thanked the Almighty for what was surely a hallucination that would vanish with the rising sun.
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NAAM exhibit: work(shop) with me, people

Make some time for family... in a collage you'll make yourself.

snow-girl & house detail.JPG

I'm teaching a collage workshop in February at the Northwest African American Museum! We'll collage copies of your favorite family photos onto art papers of your choice. Oh, but we're not done yet. We'll use one of my favorite techniques to add words to your pictures. Details:

If you've ever wanted to take a class with me... THIS IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Sign up now -- yeah, I know the class isn't until February, but next month will be here sooner than you think!