Artist Statement

I tell stories about family as a way to create an imaginative sanctuary for the viewer. My aim is to connect you to people neither you nor I can reach personally: a relative who fought in the Civil War, for example, or an intriguing stranger from a far-off place.

I make collage portraits on birch board, assemblages in upcycled cigar boxes and altered books in which I remix the original narratives. Often I paint over photocopies of a subject's photograph, then layer elements upon and around the subject to tell an embellished story.

Ultimately, I believe by focusing attention on a chronicle that once was known only within a family or small group, the story's importance is elevated and preserved for others to experience.


Lisa Myers Bulmash is a collage and book artist who works primarily in acrylics, paper and found objects. Informally trained, Myers Bulmash began her career making handmade cards. After her father’s death in 2006, the artist felt compelled to take more personal risks in her creative life.  Questions of identity, family relationships and the human impulse toward sanctuary now drive most of her work. The artist aims to nudge the viewer into recognizing our shared stories, especially those narratives that are usually experienced in isolation.

Myers Bulmash is the winner of a 2016 Sustainable Arts Foundation grant, an award to support artists with children under age 18. She has served as a public speaker for Artist Trust, connecting Puget Sound artists with career resources. Her work and commentary have been highlighted in five books as well. Myers Bulmash exhibits her work in group and solo shows throughout the Seattle metro area.