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The Light of Winter, day 19

I'm sorry to let you down by not having posted a photo every day for these Light of Winter prompts, but today begins a new year. So let's move forward... by moving a little backward.

LK suggested this for the first day of the new year:

What are the truths you want to carry forward into this new year? Skip the resolutions unless they speak to more of the same and the true. Affirm what was right, what was good, what was real, what you enjoyed- dig up those images from this past year.
This is my signpost for the moment: the tarot card that symbolizes times when I've felt like I was doing everything right, at the time it needed to be done. More of that belief in myself, please: more certainty in these uncertain times.
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The Light of Winter, day 11

It still makes me so happy that The Boy and TwoBoo love each other like they do. I expect that Light of Love will be all but snuffed out in a few years, probably. Right about the time TwoBoo can snatch a toy from The Boy and run like hell.
But for now, I just enjoy how eager The Boy is to help TwoBoo, even though the baby weighs about half of what The Boy weighs.
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The Light of Winter, day 10

I'll make these next few posts quick, since I shoulda posted them before Christmas. Ahem.

I think this year was the first one might've detected the Light of Anticipation in our house. This year, The Boy has asked real questions about what Christmas is actually about, starting with when we could put up Christmas stockings.
Those were the questions I could answer easily, like why we didn't have a Christmas tree up (officially: because we didn't want TwoBoo to pull the tree onto himself. Realistically: because we didn't want to spend all our time running interference between TwoBoo, a Christmas tree, and a thousand crushable ornaments).

Some questions were much harder, like Joseph's relationship to Jesus (which is easy to answer, until you add in why Daddy believes one thing about Jesus while Mommy believes another). Good thing I started going to church again, so I could try to answer these questions for myself before The Boy began asking. Thinking of it that way, I guess the light of anticipation has been shining in this house since this summer.
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The Light of Winter, day 9

As LK was saying, we generally don't have visual depictions of the light of compassion handily available. But this one pretty much does the job.

This photo of an older man comforting a child is from the Library of Congress.
I'd used it in the artist book I started in another one of LK's classes, a book I titled Someday (after the Sugar Ray song). At the time I chose the picture because it expressed my feeling lost after my father's death.
But originally, the photo reminded me of a time I got lost in a theme park back East, during a visit with my godparents on the East Coast. I was maybe seven or eight, and I was terrified that the theme park would close down at the end of the day without anyone coming to get me. And I had no idea of how to get to my godparents' house, let alone cross-country to my own home.
The older man in the photo reminded me of my godfather calming me down once he arrived at the lost-and-found booth. He didn't yell or get angry that I'd gotten separated from the group. He just wiped my tears and bought me an ice cream cone.
My godfather died seven years ago. But the kindness of not getting upset at me, and just carrying on with the day, still makes me feel good.
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