"Stuff my kids say"

Bluebird of Testosterone, slam-bang edition

The Bluebird of Testosterone is back -- summoned by TwoBoo, of course.
Courtesy Wikicommons
TwoBoo is sitting in The Husband's lap. They're discussing how to make The Husband open his hand and release the quarter inside.

The Husband: It's not strength, it's a question of leverage. How can you make Daddy open up his hand?
TwoBoo, cheerfully: With a hammer?
The Husband, stifling laughter: Well... yeah... but how can you do it in a less violent way?
TwoBoo: With a hammer?

Why bother finding another way when this one works, right?

Bluebird of Testosterone: drug interactions

Last week The Boy spiked a fever one day (which subsided quickly), then woke up with headaches for the next two days. We gave him some kids' Tylenol and a small piece of chocolate -- small piece! -- for the caffeine boost. Then we tried to explain the caffeine/Tylenol combination.

Us: The caffeine in the chocolate will help make the Tylenol work faster. It takes a while to work because it has to travel through your body before it starts working on your headache.

The Boy: All the way through my body and through my penis?

I think a few lessons in how the digestive system works, with an addendum on medication absorption, is in order.