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"Living the Dream" in Shoreline, Washington

As slippery as it is, the American Dream of owning a home — and by extension, the feeling of belonging here — has shaped much of my identity. So when I found out about the city of Shoreline’s upcoming art exhibit, it almost felt necessary to submit some of my work.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash.

I’ve contributed this collage and two other pieces to the “Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” exhibit. These, and works by 15 other artists, are inspired by civil rights martyr Edwin T. Pratt, who led the Seattle Urban League. He and his family also integrated an all-white neighborhood in what’s now Shoreline. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pratt’s assassination at his front door.

Credit: Edwin T. Pratt Archive, Black Heritage Society of Washington State; David Francis

Credit: Edwin T. Pratt Archive, Black Heritage Society of Washington State; David Francis

Pratt’s family photos are now held by the Black Heritage Society of Washington state. Their partnership with 4Culture allowed us artists to experiment with these images, just like I usually do with my own family archive. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what my friends Vincent Keele, Christina Reed, Naoko Morisawa and the other artists have done. The opening reception is Saturday, January 26th at Shoreline City Hall… hope to see you there!

Rested and ready for 2019

Thanks to the generosity of my in-laws, we got out of Dodge for a few days.


The holiday madness wasn’t too bad this year, but I find it difficult to switch gears from family to career even when the opportunity’s there. Finally I took a hint, set aside the five-year-plan stress and refocused on the present. We celebrated my in-laws’ 25th wedding anniversary in a nice sunny spot on the beach.


And it helped: although we’re back to gray skies, I’m still fairly relaxed from the sun and art journaling. Now I’m looking forward to the next stop on the “Like Mother…” traveling exhibit, which opens at the end of this month. In the meantime, I’ll ask the art world experts I know to help me chart my course forward.

Collecting art: the joy of anticipation

Before I go semi-incommunicado for Christmas, I wanted to share an early present I received recently: a thank-you note from someone with “a budding little art collection.”

Testimonial_ArracheTorn Away.jpg

This person’s anticipation of receiving their artwork soon kinda puts me in a holiday mood. I was one of those kids who savored the delicious agony of waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. Now, the feeling I get waiting to ship out the artwork feels almost as good as hearing it arrived safely. Only one more sleep — I mean, “installment” — until this collage heads to its permanent home!

Arrache-Torn Away.jpg

Happy holidays… and please let me know if you’d like to start 2019 with a new piece of art (or the first installment of a payment plan).