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Serious inquiries only

Today I learned firsthand what it’s like when a stranger slides into your DMs on Instagram. I invite you to… “enjoy” the following exchange:

dm creep 1.jpg

dm creep 2.jpg

Aaaaand here it comes: the moment when it’s clear this person is creepy for a living.

dm creep 3.jpg

“Fastly”… LOL. Pretty sure this is not a serious inquiry from a dedicated art collector. Well, it’s not the first art scam I’ve encountered, and it probably won’t be the last.

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Next step for my "Evolution"

When a Good Thing happens in my life, sometimes I like to hug it close for a day or two before I share it. That's why I took a day to savor this news: one of my collages is going to live in a Seattle city art collection!

Waterfront Evolution.jpg

"Waterfront Evolution" was purchased for the Seattle Public Utilities Collection, through a program of the city's Office of Arts & Culture. The collage joins a collection that includes work by emerging and established artists like Mary Ann Peters, Kara Walker, Barbara Earl Thomas and Dale Chihuly.

Seattle Pub Utilities-Chihuly.jpg

Artworks in this collection are portable so they can rotate throughout municipal buildings. So there's a good chance you'll see my giraffes in a waiting room, or while you're paying a bill, or in a meeting room. Not sure yet where the collage will go first, but I figure there must be a calendar or tracking system that'll tell me. And that bit of info I'll share right away!

The time to collect art is NOW

Here's what I imagine happens in an art collector's brain when they decide they NEED to have that art in their lives:

collector LJ excited.jpg

When I delivered a collage to this new collector, I was privileged to see her reaction in real time. She and her husband had seen "Rare & Exquisite" in the show I curated at Columbia City Gallery...


... and the collage stopped them in their tracks. The husband loves maps, and he'd mentioned he would like "something more 3D" for this spot on the wall. 

R&E new home (1).jpg

If you've been itching to take home original art, you're in good company. This weekend, the Seattle Art Fair returns for its fourth summer, drawing collectors and art galleries from around the world.

  Inaugural Seattle Art Fair, 2015

Inaugural Seattle Art Fair, 2015

A few things to remember:

  • Buy what you love (of course) and buy local if you can
  • Your support makes it possible for the artist to make MORE art (and pay their bills)
  • You can always pay for the work in installments -- just ask

One last thing: Wear comfortable shoes if you're going to the art fair. Wouldn't it be a shame if you had to leave your favorite new artwork at the booth/artist studio just because your poor feet couldn't support you for one more minute?

Last chance: "You're Not From Around Here, Are You?"

The last days of my museum exhibit are upon  us: You're Not From Around Here, Are You? closes in one week!

exhibit entrance-by Michael Lane.jpg

True, the exhibit closes after April 8th, which is in nine days. But the Northwest African American Museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. So if you've got a day job, or you're a student, realistically you might have only this weekend or next weekend left to visit.


One last reason to go: some of these artworks have been sold to art collectors.


Once the show closes, I'm shipping those pieces off to their new homes. So if you'd thought about buying one yourself...


NOW is the time to speak up for the artwork you love. (And yes, I do installment payment plans.) Let me know: contact me here.

"Like Mother..." at TAM: supporting each other

Onward and upward!


Up to the third floor of the Tacoma Art Museum, which is hosting the current manifestation of Like Mother, Like Daughter until the end of March. After the hectic pace of the past few months, I really appreciated the opportunity to unwind, in a sunny room, with the contributing artists.

  Some of the marvelous artists contributing to Like Mother, Like Daughter

Some of the marvelous artists contributing to Like Mother, Like Daughter

What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than with these beautiful minds and their work?


Speaking of supporting people you love...


... someone has spoken up for a collage in the exhibit You're Not From Around Here, Are You? In fact, the collector contacted me two different ways to make sure this piece was still available for purchase.

Safe-Not Safe Semiahmoo - crop.jpg

If you're interested in one of these pieces, please let me know through the Contact Me page. (And yes, I do installment payment plans.) If you haven't already, I'd suggest you visit the exhibit while it's still up at the Northwest African American Museum: art always looks so much better in person.