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Collecting art: the joy of anticipation

Before I go semi-incommunicado for Christmas, I wanted to share an early present I received recently: a thank-you note from someone with “a budding little art collection.”

Testimonial_ArracheTorn Away.jpg

This person’s anticipation of receiving their artwork soon kinda puts me in a holiday mood. I was one of those kids who savored the delicious agony of waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. Now, the feeling I get waiting to ship out the artwork feels almost as good as hearing it arrived safely. Only one more sleep — I mean, “installment” — until this collage heads to its permanent home!

Arrache-Torn Away.jpg

Happy holidays… and please let me know if you’d like to start 2019 with a new piece of art (or the first installment of a payment plan).

Serious inquiries only

Today I learned firsthand what it’s like when a stranger slides into your DMs on Instagram. I invite you to… “enjoy” the following exchange:

dm creep 1.jpg

dm creep 2.jpg

Aaaaand here it comes: the moment when it’s clear this person is creepy for a living.

dm creep 3.jpg

“Fastly”… LOL. Pretty sure this is not a serious inquiry from a dedicated art collector. Well, it’s not the first art scam I’ve encountered, and it probably won’t be the last.

Next step for my "Evolution"

When a Good Thing happens in my life, sometimes I like to hug it close for a day or two before I share it. That's why I took a day to savor this news: one of my collages is going to live in a Seattle city art collection!

Waterfront Evolution.jpg

"Waterfront Evolution" was purchased for the Seattle Public Utilities Collection, through a program of the city's Office of Arts & Culture. The collage joins a collection that includes work by emerging and established artists like Mary Ann Peters, Kara Walker, Barbara Earl Thomas and Dale Chihuly.

Seattle Pub Utilities-Chihuly.jpg

Artworks in this collection are portable so they can rotate throughout municipal buildings. So there's a good chance you'll see my giraffes in a waiting room, or while you're paying a bill, or in a meeting room. Not sure yet where the collage will go first, but I figure there must be a calendar or tracking system that'll tell me. And that bit of info I'll share right away!