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Returning to a TV near you...

I'm balancing a little studio time this week...

studio 1-5-18.jpg

... and a little TV time next week!

You can see me on KING5's "New Day Northwest" on January 9th to introduce more people to my museum exhibit You're Not From Around Here, Are You? If you're in the area, set your DVR for 11am; the show will be re-aired at 3pm on the sister station, KONG-TV. (The episode will also be posted online later that day.) See you on a screen near you!

Coming soon: A trip through the mind of an artist

Maybe you caught a glimpse of the work in You're Not From Around Here, Are You? on TV...

But it's a funny thing: seeing art in person is even better, even if you spend just a few minutes with each piece. That's one reason I'd like to show you around the exhibit myself during an artist-led tour. Details:

Bonus: people on the tour will be the first to receive a free, limited-run sticker commemorating their visit to the exhibit at the Northwest African American Museum!

St. F proof.jpg

I'd suggest you mark it on your calendar before the holidays consume all our (remaining) brain cells.  See you there!

Artist profile: Somebody's watching me

So close to finishing up my latest piece... so close. Just a few more paper scraps and screws...

While I'm finishing up, let me keep you entertained with the words of someone who's been keeping an eye on me -- in a good way.

Reporter Lisa Edge recently interviewed me for a lovely artist profile in Real Change News. At my studio, we talked art, inspirations and what's up next in my exhibit schedule. Go check it out and let them know what you think; that's a great way to tell the paper arts and culture stories are important to you!