ARTRUMPS: under attack, pushing back

A fellow artist recently echoed a sentiment I've expressed to others privately: "It's a paralyzing feeling when everything you value is under attack." Fortunately, I know some people pushing back against the paralysis, and they've invited me to help.

I'm honored and grateful to contribute to an invitational art exhibit: "ARTRUMPS: Resistance and Action." In two weeks, BONFIRE Gallery hosts a show that supports artists as well as activism.

Here's how it works. Half of the artwork sale price goes to the artists. The other half will be donated to organizations working for justice, equality, resistance, legal support and change. If you purchase one or both of my collages, you and I will help the Equal Justice Initiative keep children from dying in prison.

Watch my Facebook Page next week: I've got the list of other artists contributing work to ARTRUMPS. I hope our contributions will help in some way. Otherwise, we're reduced to counting the minutes until the current administration leaves office.