Survivor: Back-to-school edition

You'd think after seven back-to-school seasons that I'd have the kids and myself ready to go. 

You would be wrong. On the upside, most everyone else at TwoBoo's school was still figuring things out too. The place is so new they literally haven't removed the painter's tape yet.

No surprise the back-to-school chaos was like twice as intense. 

Fortunately, the madness provided great cover for our disorganization at home. For example, I bought TwoBoo's school supplies well in advance, but forgot to put them into his backpack and so left them at home. I blame TwoBoo: at bedtime before the first day of school, he launched a two-hour, post-shower tantrum. So next morning, we were all exhausted.

  Not even flash photography woke up TwoBoo that morning.  © Lisa Myers Bulmash

Not even flash photography woke up TwoBoo that morning. ©Lisa Myers Bulmash

Thank goodness TwoBoo's teacher was on it. She even had apples waiting for each kid at their respective desks.

The only one (sort of) not affected was The Boy. Everyone else was losing their heads, but he was so together he actually had time for pleasure reading before catching the bus.

Someday I will be ready for the start of the school. Probably when the playground grass sprouts, in the spring.

Posted on September 9, 2016 and filed under parenting.