"Black Lives Matter" in Seattle

As I said to a friend a little while ago: "I'm really not angry all the time!" But you know... the summer of 2014 really made me worry about my children's safety once they're no longer little and cute. It just all hangs over my head... but fortunately, I'm not alone in my concern.

This altered book, "A Terrible Dream," grew out of that simmering anxiety and frustration. So when I found out about "Black Lives Matter: Humanity Not  Negotiable," I leaped at the chance to submit some of my work. I'm proud to say the jurors chose two -- the one above, and "Janus: Restless."

I'd love to see you at the reception of this exhibit, if you're in Seattle. Details:

Yes, this exhibit is about serious ideas, but don't let that scare you off. Think of it as the opportunity for a thoughtful conversation, a chance to get out of your own head, and into someone else's for a while.