art practice

Construction site visitor's pass

I think I’ve worked out my construction plan for the CoCA Art Marathon.

Now comes the prep work in my studio: collecting art materials, coating the porous surfaces with a sealant, and generally doing stuff that needs more than an hour to dry or set. Then the frenzied art-making begins on Thursday, September 12th — and you’re invited to watch! Set a reminder to visit our workspace at The Summit building during the Art Preview, from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm, to see if it all comes together.

It’s said that no battle plan survives its encounter with the enemy… we’ll see if my art battle plan can stand up to the 24-hour deadline.

Help me make "Magic"

When I learn to control the universe with magic, Things Are Going to Change Around Here. But until then, I’m concentrating on making magic to support contemporary art.

“CoCA Magic” happens the week after next: it’s a fundraiser for the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) Seattle. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Thursday: we start the art-making marathon. Each artist has 24 hours to complete three or more pieces.

  2. Friday morning: we go home to recover.

  3. Saturday night: we help CoCA auction off the pieces we’ve made.

Artists raise auction paddles at 2018 CoCA Art Auction. Photo credit: Lonnie Mckenzie/CoCA

Artists raise auction paddles at 2018 CoCA Art Auction. Photo credit: Lonnie Mckenzie/CoCA

I love interpreting a theme! I could go a few ways with this:

Black Girl Magic (thanks to CaShawn Thompson)…

black girl magic_tshirt_flowers_iam-se7en-unsplash - Copy.jpg

Perhaps a riff on the 1940’s-era “Magic Skin” doll (the body’s latex skin is known to darken with age)…

Magic Skin doll-teapotdecor-ebay listing - cropped.jpg

Or maybe my spin on the Magical Negro trope.

But I haven’t settled on which interpretation to take. One? All three? Something totally different? Let me know what you think here.

Build that wall... with cigar boxes

An idea is worming its way through my design process: a wall built on cigar boxes. (Betcha mine will be finished before the one on the United States’ southern border.)

LMB-wall of cigar boxes.jpg

It’ll most likely (okay,definitely) be smaller than works like the more than 30-feet tall spider by Louise Bourgeois, which required skilled art fabricators to bring to life. But when my lil’ ol’ wall takes a more firm shape, I’ll let you in on my process. Stay tuned.