Double-happiness, double holiday madness

Anyone out there less than excited about decorating for the winter holidays?

Good thing my neighbors are on it, because I've decided I'm done with the decor. I enjoy giving presents, but "creating atmosphere"... not so much. My kids will just have to take it up with their future therapists. "My mother was horrible at holidays; she never put up Thanksgiving turkeys or mistletoe or did the Elf on the Shelf." THAT'S RIGHT. 

"She was always too busy in her studio to create holiday cheer." ABSOLUTELY. (I'm sure my punishment will be one of them marrying the Homemaker From Hell.)

This year, the kids will literally wake up on December 25th to Christmas presents... and go to bed with the first night of Hanukkah gifts. I better not hear any complaining as I bandage the paper cuts I'll get from wrapping all this stuff!