Getting schooled

How can you feel like you have too much homework when you're not even in school anymore?

Lots of firsts at our house:

  • The Boy started his first year of middle school
  • TwoBoo started first grade
  • I'm no longer driving anyone to a day care center -- for the first time in ten years

Every trip is taking maybe ten minutes more because I keep missing turns. Both schools sent home stacks of paperwork for ME to fill out. And my job, that art thing?

I'm up to my ears in meetings about art. Applications about art exhibitions. Other computer-related stuff about art. Art stuff, but not making art. Which is sometimes part of the job.

Art business consultant Alyson Stanfield has some useful suggestions on how to deal with overwhelm, which I really need to work on this month. So I'm going to spend a long weekend in planning mode... and somehow, making something.

Posted on September 4, 2015 and filed under art practice, parenting.