#GivingTuesday: for arts' sake

Now that you've finished your holiday shopping (I know, I'm laughing too) during Cyber Monday, how about going back online for one more gift?

You might've seen the GivingTuesday hashtag; it's a day especially for giving to non-profit organizations. I'd like to give a shout-out to a couple arts organizations that have made my life richer.

The Schack Art Center has included my work in in several of their group shows, and enriched my children's lives in the Schack's art classes. If you have a local arts center, I'd urge you to do some of your holiday shopping there.

You might remember I launched my full-time art career this summer with the help of Artist Trust. Usually arts funding goes to arts organizations that present artists' work. Artist Trust supports artists "at the source," as they say, with grants and other resources given directly to artists. You can see what their services support at their annual benefit art auction.

Yes, this one's for sale! Go to the "Contact Me" page of my website and email me.

Yes, this one's for sale! Go to the "Contact Me" page of my website and email me.

If you'd rather skip the organizations and support your favorite artist, by all means shop local! And if it's just not in your budget, talk up your favorite artist to your friends. Share their work online. Word of mouth is how most people find an artist's work, so give your recommendation -- and your support -- freely!