Happy birthday, little website!

The Husband just pointed out to me that my lil' website is now a toddler. It's my two-year anniversary on lisamb.com!

These last two years have been eventful, to say the least. I nearly broke my brain with all the stuff I learned in Artist Trust's EDGE Professional Development program for visual artists.

Turns out it was just a sprain. Since then I've shared innumerable work-in-progress photos and videos...

I've celebrated here when I convinced people to give me money in exchange for my art...

  "Best of the Northwest" art festival, fall 2015

"Best of the Northwest" art festival, fall 2015

and this year some generous folks gave me a big hand in sustaining my career as an artist who parents small children.

So now we're here: I'd like to invite you to the opening reception for my latest show, "HEX and the Monstrous Feminine"!

Please join me at Twilight Gallery on October 13th: we'll celebrate feminine fire plus my little digital birthday!