Kent Summer Arts Exhibit: live, and on video too

City of Kent videographer: Hey, would you be willing to be interviewed about your work that's in the Kent Summer Arts Exhibit?

Me: Sure, why not?

This video is a lovely introduction to my work and why I do it. You can also see the works of Vikram Madan, Barbara Noonan, SIEGE and many others live and in person at Kent's Centennial Center Gallery. The video is now airing on the city of Kent's TV station and on Vimeo. So even if you can't see it in person -- and you really should, because the variety of art is AMAZING -- you can see it at home or online until the exhibit closes August 29th. (And yes, all the artworks are for sale.)

So many thanks to Steve Vaught, Edgar Riebe and Ronda Billerbeck at the City of Kent for this opportunity. And extra special thanks to jurors Humaira Abid and Joseph Steininger, who chose four of my pieces for this show!