Makers gonna make... at a slower pace

For the first time in maybe two years, I have only one project to work on: collage portraits for the Liberty Bank Building. 

coin purses on books (2).jpg

I enjoyed people-ing at the "Locally Sourced" reception, and sharing my butterflies with everyone.


But my brain craves alone-time, preferably in the studio.

coin purses on books (3).jpg

So I took a week or two not doing much of anything, as the experts suggest you do after a big project. It's been a welcome change not to finish something in a week, or schedule events that won't happen for months in the future. Still a few deadlines, but they're not within days of each other. 

coin purses on books (1).jpg

It might take a few more months of this: my brain refuses to attempt more abstract things like goal-setting. So I intend to keep things low-key (ha!) for the summer, but I'm not making any promises.