Cleared for take-off

What should be my first-ever post? Should I post about something silly? Something thought-provoking, maybe even momentous?

Ask and ye shall receive. My Artfest 2008 registration booklet arrived! I got in!

On the first day of art-mas my true love gave to me... Lisa Bebi's Family Paintover. I secretly wanted this one more than any of the others, even though I will be awed just to be in the presence of the artists teaching the other classes I was hoping to take. I figure it'll be useful for my personal art as well as anything I might sell or do on commission. I have a toddler, and I want to do make his scrapbook(s) kinda like the ones Corey Moortgat does, only in my style. Whatever that is.

On Friday, I'll be learning from LK Ludwig in This is Me. I'll get a double-dose of her between now and Artfest, because I'm also taking one of her classes in a few weeks during Art & Soul Portland. I guess Teesha-may-she-live-forever thought it would be good for a newcomer to concentrate on larnin' them basics of self-expression.

Wrapping up with Bee Shay's Handful of Curiosity. I figured this would be a good way to get something done with the Altoids tins that are laying around. I didn't realize Lynne Perrella was going to do Shivering Fragments all three days... I just put her down as an option in the first two days. Because when the hell else am I going to get a chance to take one of her classes? I live out on the Weird Coast. And she lives in Ancram, NY. I'd never see her even if I visited my relatives in the Tri-State area. (Especially if I visited the relatives. You know what that's like.)

Of course, I will be mildly ungrateful for certain things, because that is what queens do. They bitch and moan, while their courtiers cluck understandingly.
I really, rilly, rully wanted to take Anahata Katkin's Symbolic Icons class. Then I could identify my "thing"... I could bring my edgier side into my art without pulling it kicking and screaming out into the sunlight over the course of another ten years of my life.

Is it the "done" thing to ask if you can swap a class with someone else at Artfest? I know people are posting furiously at the Art & Soul Yahoo! group, trying to trade/sell/buy classes they didn't get into.

Guess I'll find out when my app for the Yahoo! group is accepted.

UPDATE: Apparently it's okay to ask if you can switch classes. The moderator was very helpful and pointed me to the post archives, which showed other people in previous Artfests asking to switch. Cross your fingers for me. ~bq

UPDATE 2: Apparently it is bad form... I checked the Yahoo! group, and Teesha said:

Hey gang....there were a few teachers who were out of this world crazy
popular this year. So...hundreds wanted them and only so many can make it into
a class. Anyway, all that to say that if there is anyone who wants to be put
on a waiting list for any particular workshop (or accommodations), let me

But on the upside, I don't think I'll burn in hell for this one. My pal Kecia is very reassuring:

no worries lisa! emails are so hard to tell the inbetweens anyway! it's all

UPDATE 3: No, it really isn't bad form. Teesha said so herself.
Re: [ArtFest2008] Switching Friday classes

hey are the one asking to trade classes with someone right? that
is totally A-OK with me! it's a win-win. All I ask is that you both let me
know so I can switch the names on the teachers class lists. I just posted a
message because you reminded me that you can also request to be put on a
waiting list. no worries. if you want to trade around it's ok.

teesha moore

I feel molto better now.