Whoa, where's the fire?

No major flames in this episode, but it did get a little smoky in the village Hiro was expecting the samurai hero to save. Poor guy... he is just so unprepared for reality, in this time or in the past. But I love watching his face as he copes.

Speaking of faces, what's up with Claire's new "friend," in her face and then later floating outside her window... yeeeugghhhh. Well, he got the self-important "Robots vs. Aliens" metaphor for his fellow students right. And the first thing most teen boys who could fly would do is spy on the nearest potentially-naked girl. But he's. Still. Creepy. This is the guy I would've once mistaken for being Intense and Intriguing. Oh no no no -- there's a felony stalking conviction in this boy's future.

And now, Dead Black People. Hey, someone has to be the second banana who tells the important characters to "go on without me:"
Poor D.L. They actually made him say, "Go on without me" to Niki and Micah. Micah's gonna have to pick up the slack. 'Course, he'll have to work four times as hard, since he's half black and there are two Dead Black People's shoes to fill. (And why is NBC keeping their pictures up on the website? They're DEAD.)

I think Adrian Pasdar is hot, but geez, he's got a big freakin' head, and that beard only makes it more obvious. (Sorry, Natalie Maines.) Well, big-head peoples look better on TV. Can't wait to find out how he and Peter got back to Earth in their respective places.

I love, love, LOVE Mama Petrelli -- people should be scared of middle-aged women. They know things. How else does your mom know how to piss you off without saying a word? (As the comedian said, parents know how to push your buttons because they installed them.)

... And now on to Artfest...

I set off a firestorm, I set off a firestorm, neener neener neener...

It's just fine to swap classes as long as you update the changes with Teesha-may-she-live-forever. She said so herself, on the Yahoo! group and in response to an email I sent to her. (Not gonna show you.)

But Lord... the people who rose to Teesha's defense after all her hard work assigning the classes to everyone. "You should go with the flow and take what the Universe gives you." And then the people who retorted that it was okay to swap. "Hello, taking a trade offered is also 'going with the flow.' " Oy. Finally one of my future instructors, Bee Shay, suggested a trading database so that this madness could continue (or not) without annoying the hell out of everyone else who couldn't give a rat's ass about it.

I guess this is what happens when you have a virtual room full of opinionated women who have six whole months to obsess over something.