A little ahead of the game (which is to say, not quite as late)

Herein lies a smidgen of a design for the altered notebooks I'm making for the holiday craft fair. My manufacturing pace is going relatively well. I've gotten all ten of the regular-sized ones done! and now I've got to do the ten mini-notebooks. I'm getting a little better at the on-again part of my on-again-off-again cycle, but deadlines will do that to you.

Last year I altered mini-phone books as well as the notebooks... they sold, but a lot of people pointed out they store most of their phone numbers in their phones now. Fortunately, I had a reply that seemed to knock down that argument: "But this phone book will never crash." But even so, I figured it probably wasn't worth the effort to do the phone books again. It was a good experiment, though. The craft fair organizers had suggested that I offer two or more options so people could choose a less-expensive, stocking-stuffer type of item, or a full-sized, full-price item. So I did the phone books for my buyers (I still get a kick out of that. "My buyers.") as well as the notebooks.

I sold three-quarters of my stock (stock! hee hee) at the fair, and then my boss' boss, who gets all card-crafty at the holidays, bought the rest. She and another coworker who bought two items said my stuff was a real hit with the gift recipients. So this year I'm actually hoping that one or two will be left over, so I can put them on my soon-to-be-established Etsy site. (I think I could set it up this weekend, if I'm on the ball.) I should've gotten it up and running by now, but it will be done -- I'm not going to let that fade away. So the Demons of Malicious Criticism are keeping things down to a dull roar in my head. Going to make some other stuff too, maybe a little less (gasp) practical than the notebooks... you know, just like, art. Stuff someone might want to put somewhere they can look at it and go, "Cool."
Posted on November 14, 2007 and filed under "altered books", "art shows", "inner demons".