A little ahead of the game (which is to say, not quite as late)

Herein lies a smidgen of a design for the altered notebooks I'm making for the holiday craft fair. My manufacturing pace is going relatively well. I've gotten all ten of the regular-sized ones done! and now I've got to do the ten mini-notebooks. I'm getting a little better at the on-again part of my on-again-off-again cycle, but deadlines will do that to you.

Last year I altered mini-phone books as well as the notebooks... they sold, but a lot of people pointed out they store most of their phone numbers in their phones now. Fortunately, I had a reply that seemed to knock down that argument: "But this phone book will never crash." But even so, I figured it probably wasn't worth the effort to do the phone books again. It was a good experiment, though. The craft fair organizers had suggested that I offer two or more options so people could choose a less-expensive, stocking-stuffer type of item, or a full-sized, full-price item. So I did the phone books for my buyers (I still get a kick out of that. "My buyers.") as well as the notebooks.

I sold three-quarters of my stock (stock! hee hee) at the fair, and then my boss' boss, who gets all card-crafty at the holidays, bought the rest. She and another coworker who bought two items said my stuff was a real hit with the gift recipients. So this year I'm actually hoping that one or two will be left over, so I can put them on my soon-to-be-established Etsy site. (I think I could set it up this weekend, if I'm on the ball.) I should've gotten it up and running by now, but it will be done -- I'm not going to let that fade away. So the Demons of Malicious Criticism are keeping things down to a dull roar in my head. Going to make some other stuff too, maybe a little less (gasp) practical than the notebooks... you know, just like, art. Stuff someone might want to put somewhere they can look at it and go, "Cool."