Front and back

I finished the commissioned notebook today! I'll reassemble the front and back covers after the sealer sets. Materials: photos, photo transfers, plastic rosary, gaffer tape, decorative papers, cardstock, microbeads, twine.

The Husband showed me how to do the super-zoom, so I can show you the rosary icons a bit better. This one is at the end of the rosary beads running down the left side of the front cover:And the one at the center of the "sun" (I think it was supposed to be the Holy Family, but it was hard to see even before I painted it):And the crucifix to the right of St. Dominic.
It was a good day at the Castle... I had a nap, went out on a lunch date with The Husband, then came home and finished the commission while we watched our "Little Britain" DVD. (I need an oxygen tank next to me to watch the show because I can't catch my breath for laughing.)

And I even had a little time to do the beginnings of three ATCs for Artfest. I signed up for the big ATC book this year -- 27 ATCs, so each participant gets a book of 25 cards and the organizers Teesha and Tracy each get their own, too.

Two of the ones I made today won't work for the book, whose theme is, of course, Artfest, so I'll just keep those as trades. But one uses some of the leftover transfer paper from the commission, so I think it'll work as a base for a book ATC. I need to be thinking more of the "Forest Floor" theme they have working this year. I've been thinking for quite some time about the other piece we're encouraged to make. But I'll have to do that in between the ATCs, because those have to be in Nantucket by February 15th. Oh crap, now I know I have to be all over those, because I have to help plan a baby shower for February 9th and a dual birthday party for soon after the ATC deadline. Oy.