Libby-Libby-Libby's on the label-label-label...

Anyone else remember that old Libby's vegetables jingle? No? Well, all right then.Ta-da! Clever packaging for the notebooks. That was a Husband-directed Photoshop lesson. Tonight I'm going to post pictures for the Etsy shop. I might even beat Mija to the punch by getting the shop up and running before the new year!

And one last thing: remember when I painted the plastic rosary for the commission, and it wasn't turning out the shade of copper I wanted? Huh huh huh... wasn't paying enough attention to the label. I'd meant to use Interference Violet (Fine)... but I'd actually painted with Interference Oxide Violet. Whoops. Well, now I know which one to use when I'm going for "old penny" versus "old old old penny."

Merry Christmas to all.