About half done with the ATCs

This one I finished up tonight... it's called "Welcome to Artfest." It's the fourteenth of 27 I need to make for the Artfest ATC book. (Each swap participant gets a 25-card book, and the last two go to a book to be raffled off, and a final one for Teesha and Tracy.)

I emailed the host of the swap, Bee Shay (who will also be my instructor on the final day) and asked her to clarify about the ATCs. We can make each card an original design, or we can make 26 good-quality copies of one design. I thought about doing the second option, but by the time I'd asked, I'd already made seven or eight ATCs, so I figured I might as well keep making individual cards. Plus, some of the dimensional ones I've made, like this one, I can't really make copies of easily.This is the first time I've made an ATC with a door. I'm tempted to keep it for myself, but how can I keep such a heartbreaking-work-of-staggering-genius to myself?