First steps

I've just gotten started on the next piece... this one will come with me to Artfest. I have a very specific outfit for her in mind, based on women's clothing I saw in Ghana, a country in west Africa. It's sort of an everyday outfit, comprised of a blouse or loose dress under a skirt wrapped around the waist.
Her shirt is made of strips of burnt masking tape, a technique I wanted to try in Michael de Meng's class during Art & Soul, but I didn't have time. An excellent way to relieve your pyromaniac tendencies, I might add. I would've used a cigarette lighter, but thank God The Husband no longer smokes, so that's not readily available. So I used those long fireplace matchsticks.

Most of this will be covered up with other stuff I'm planning to add. I might paint the "shirt" too... just dug up some photos from that Ghana trip and I'd forgotten how much vivid color people wear there.

If you can guess how many matchsticks I used up to make the figure's t-shirt, I'll send you some blog candy. Extra candy for guessing where I stored the figure after I was done...