More spelling mysteries resolved

This one's in honor of my TX darlin' Jan, who got a hoot out of my earlier spelling-related bitchiness. Here's hoping it speeds her recovery from that nightmarish illness.

STATIONERY: Letter-writing paper... you know, the stuff you use when you're out of cell phone range and you have no access to email. STATIONARY: Standing still, as in "a stationary object."

And a few bonus corrections:

CEMETERY: Not "cemetary" or "cematery" or "cematery." There is no "a" in that word.

MISCHIEVOUS: Not "mischievious." Two, not three "i's." And the emphasis is on the first syllable (MISS-cheh-vuss), not the second, in the same way you would say "mischief" (MISS-chiff).

That is all. Go forth and continue to vocalize properly.