He cooks, he supports my habit -- AND he makes art for me!

Okay, this is a major first. You know The Husband is my personal Art Enabler. He's encouraged me to go to both Art & Soul last year, and Artfest this year. He waited patiently until I got up the nerve to sell my notebooks on Etsy, and at the holiday craft fair at work. He thinks my stuff is cool.

But this time he went beyond... and made art for me!
Sci-Fi Bride, by The Husband

As I said in the last post, we're both big sci-fi/fantasy fans. So The Husband created this piece to express our shared lurve, and love of sci-fi. The collage was created using six public domain images, plus one of our wedding photos. (I bought me some hair for the occasion.)

I look like the Creator and Destroyer of Worlds. With a veil and a pretty little bouquet. Cool.

He also made and framed another poster, this one to celebrate our adoration of "Little Britain". (Warning: major time-suck -- do not visit that site unless you've got time and privacy.) He used to hate the "We are Ladies" sketch, in which the two comedians play not-very-convincing transvestites who love Victorian-era dresses. But he found more public domain art of men in Victorian drag, so I guess The Husband couldn't resist.

Yes, he's wonderful. No, you can't borrow him.