Relatively speaking

Nana and Peepaw came up to see The Boy during Memorial Day weekend -- and so did Auntie Stacie, virtually speaking. The Husband arranged for a Skype video call to Dublin, so we could all talk over one another in the comfort of our respective homes. Look closely -- my kitchen will never be that clean again, at least until we have visitors.

Later that day, we headed out to the historic portion of Snohomish, a town north of Seattle.
The weather was supposed to falter by then, but we had a lovely stroll under sunny skies (!)...
... wandered by antique stores and late 19th-century architecture...
I'll definitely have to go back on my own when I have time to get lost in the stores.

Nana and Peepaw were also kind enough to babysit The Boy while we Went Out To A Movie [cue excited fanfare]. It was a toss-up between Iron Man and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We went with Caspian. For those of you who've read the original series, it was pretty good... mostly stuck to the original storyline as well, although some parts are obvious add-ons.
I'm glad they chose Peter Dinklage to play Trumpkin -- he does a great job of conveying the idea that all these humans around him are bizarrely tall and cheerful. The producers decided to make Caspian's people, the Telmarines, into Inquisition-era Spaniards, basically, in contrast with the bright and innocent, very English, World War II-era Pevensie children.

I tried to explain some of that to Nana and Peepaw, but The Husband deterred me from that. We have an understanding: The Husband and I are their favorite Incomprehensible but Friendly Geeks, and they're the Designated Normal People. And no, reading our respective blogs would probably not clear things up at all for Nana or Peepaw. So we smile and wave and send them home with pictures of The Boy.
Posted on May 27, 2008 .