Scrubs: RIP

But I don't want it to go!

Last night, the series finale of Scrubs aired. It wasn't as absorbing as it usually is -- I think they did a better job pulling off the episode where they did an actual musical -- but maybe that's due to the writers' strike. I'm guessing the staff really didn't have the time to put in the effort they might've, had the season been a normal length.

I don't know which I'll miss more: the actual jokes, or the depictions of JD's relationship with Turk, and Turk's relationship with Carla. One element of JD and Turk's friendship reminds me of my own friends and me: race is part of our relationship but it's just part of who we are, and if we have dumb questions about the other, we can ask because we've put in the time to get to know each other as people.

Carla and Turk's relationship, on the other hand, I love because she's bossy and he's just stupid -- but they work together, in spite of their egos. Plus, Turk looks (and acts) a lot like my brother.

I hope the actors all find work at least as good as Scrubs. And I really want to see Angela Nissel (wrote about her here) one of the writers who became a supervising producer, get another show!

I miss them already. Yes, I know they're in syndication. But I miss them.

I blame this on Dr. Kelso.