On the street where you live

I just finished altering the second postcard I'm swapping with Tally. I'd been pressing it flat, what with all the matte medium and attachments and stuff on it, under some art books. And with This Thing Called Life taking some priority in the past couple o' weeks, I dang near forgot where I'd put it.

But then her latest postcard came in the mail, and that woke me up. Note the butterfly under wax below:
And the first one she sent (with a butterfly charm peeping through the window):She's been working on some personal changes, hence the butterflies. Which will happen, believe me. God bless her, she's got her own issues and doubts, but her drive to achieve her goals is awe-inspiring. We were talking the other day, and I reminded her it's been only about three years since I showed her the True Colors book of art journals. She'd always had an artistic side, but that really got her going.

So in the interim, she's started her own business of selling hand-made cards, then turned that into hand-designed (printed) cards that are now sold in certain Whole Foods stores. She teaches in some local art venues. Occasionally, she hosts a collaborative project. Oh, and she's had a baby during those past three years too. She's a bad mama-jama.

So this is the one Tally will get in the mail in a few days:
The "street" is a piece of this cool wax-coated, slightly translucent paper. I glued it down with matte medium, but I also had the brilliant idea to heat the wax on one side, so that it was more likely to stick. Ooh, that was fun! Pinned a transparency scrap to the cigarette card girl, then pinned them down to the card. Cut up some "houses" and connected them with fiber. I added a wash of greenish acrylic on the edges, to link it visually with the back.
This is how the back looked until this morning: mostly green paper swatches, overlaid with circular-patterned rice paper on one side and the acrylic wash. Today I added the text, starting with an excerpt from "My Fair Lady":
The maritime route lines on the map paper provided a natural space for the "My Fair Lady" lyrics:

Let the time go by
I won't care if I
Can be on the street where you live

I'd mentioned in a previous post that I wished everyone I cared about could live on the same street with me. One big honkin' street. No more flights, no drives across town, no elaborate scheduling just to see each other. Of course, it all gets complicated when I think of what that would actually be like, but the fantasy makes me very happy.
Posted on July 2, 2008 and filed under "personal art", "postcard swap".