Gone to the dark side. Back in a few

I avoided Martha Stewart's crafting line as long as I could. But I wanted to find a screw punch locally, today, preferably one that didn't cost upwards of $50. Then The Husband found out Martha makes a screw punch.
(Presentation courtesy of The Boy.) I've only seen the Japanese screw punches, the ones with the wooden handle, which I like. But this one punches paper and metal mesh, which is what I wanted. Plus, this handy feature:
The tips are stored in the head of the screw punch. I don't know if the wooden handle one has the same feature, but I know I'm less likely to lose the tips this way.

I'm going to use the screw punch to make eyelet holes, on a genealogy-related page I'm designing. So I looked around to see if there are any eyelets smaller than 1/8" (I'm new to this still) and was informed that eyelets are no longer the thing. It's brads all the way. And lots of specialty designs, like Christmas trees and ladybugs and such, in every color possible.

Which kills me: I used to hate and avoid eyelets for just this reason -- all the cutesy-ass designs. Antique gold or pewter or black for me, thanks. I have plenty of eyelets, fortunately, but it looks like I'm screwed if the Jo-Ann stores stop carrying them!