But the full moon isn't until next Monday

I sure hope so. Weird stuff has been happening at the castle.

Last night, The Boy was having some Not Going to Sleep As Requested issues, having apparently forgotten how tired he was the previous day from staying up too late on Monday night. (I know. He's three and a half.) He got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and then decided to join The Husband in his office. Until he was marched back to bed.

Then I had trouble falling asleep; heartburn plus The Husband rolling over to snore in my ear. Can't escape to the extra bedroom anymore, because we got rid of the bed there convert the room into The Boy's new room. So I tried to sleep with my head at the other end of the bed, to get away from the snoring. But it was still fitful sleep.

The Husband caught about two hours of sleep before every joint in his body caught fire (bursitis, sciatica). So he got up and tried to get some work done. And he did, before The Boy woke up with a nightmare. Lately, Green and Purple have been trying to get into The Boy's room. No, I don't know what he means either.

The Husband took The Boy to day care this morning, so I could sleep a little longer. Then our dog joined in the madness and threw up on the carpet. And when I did get up and go downstairs for breakfast, I tried to drink something not meant for drinking.

It was in a regular cup!

I have decided today is some sort of magical day, the kind where if you make a wish it will come true no matter how clever, stupid or dangerous. So I'm trying to watch my step.