Aged, vintage, whatever

The Husband and I are getting aged, much like a certain present I got for him recently. Since he likes to have a well-stocked likker cabinet, I added to the selection. (He can handle it straight, but I need mine to be disguised as a margarita.) Plus, some other fine selections to be enjoyed with a few sips o' tequila.

I've officially given up on trying to surprise The Husband with gifts. Most of the stuff he likes is either very expensive, very technical, or both. ("What was the model of the new computer you wanted? Just wondering.") So I ask. It sucks -- I used to be really good at nailing down gifts people actually want -- but I guess it's all part of the humbling process that is life.

He, on the other hand, finds something for me that's almost always right on. (I say "almost" only because he had a learning curve.) We're trying to decide what I'll be reading when I'm in the hospital with TwoBoo. I thought about the book series on which HBO's "TrueBlood" is based, because I'm enjoying the tv show. But when I mentioned it to LK in an email, we both realized, um, it's kinda twisted to read a vampire novel while you're breastfeeding. So maybe not that one.