Can't... do... housework... too big...

This is the point in pregnancy at which washing dishes becomes a feat of endurance and ingenuity. For those of us who don't adore housework to begin with, that is.

It actually tires my arms to stand upright, reach over my belly and wash pots/pans/storage containers that can't be machine washed. Leaning on my elbows doesn't work either, because then my back starts complaining about the redistributed center of gravity.

And have you ever tried to wash dishes with your body facing the side, and your hands in the sink? Wow, does that ever not work.

Yes, I've thought of getting The Husband to wash the dishes. But he does wash some of the biggest dishes, thank goodness. The other day I came home while he was washing ALL of the dishes, and if I weren't incapable of moving that fast, I would've mauled him right there on the floor in gratitude.

If my belly is any indicator, I'm thinkin' TwoBoo will weigh in at least 10 lbs when he arrives next month. The Boy was 9 lbs. 1 oz.

'Scuse me while I go lay down.