OMG, the decade is almost over!

Had you noticed that? We're practically ten years into this millennium. I mean, it wasn't all that long ago when we were told the end of the world was coming with the Y2K bug. Wonder what people did with all those Amish-type-no-electricity-required purchases. Must be a section of Craig's List devoted just to that stuff.

I'd tell you lots of deep, pithy lessons I've learned in the past nine years, but I'm nursing and my brain is still addled from the pregnancy hormones. So I'll tell you a couple of things I learned in this six weeks postpartum:

-- Doctors and books say "it's difficult to spot jaundice in babies of color." Well, duh! The hospital pediatrician showed me this neat, painless trick to figure it out.

Press the baby's skin briefly with your finger to watch the skin color change. (Like if you've been sunburned, and you press the reddened skin to see it turn white and then go back to red.) If the "white" looks yellowish, the baby has jaundice.

-- Fenugreek is quite the versatile herb. It's mostly recommended to boost milk production when you're nursing. It can also increase the effectiveness of diabetes medications (talk to your doctor before trying it, serious potential consequences). But DON'T TAKE IT WITHOUT FOOD. Um, it can have "a mild laxative effect."

As for 2010 -- wouldn't it be a trip if a monolith showed up that year? -- I'm looking forward to the next release of U.S. Census information. Currently, the most recent census available to genealogy researchers is the 1930 census. The reasoning is that this somewhat protects the privacy of people born after 1930, who are likely to be still alive.

And that's the closest I'll get to deep thoughts for the new year.