Our house is neat enough to see carpet -- whoo-hoo! -- but there's still the random shoe or unidentified crap in my path as I walk through our dimly lit house. Might as well be stones, so I painted/created some. They're all bumpy because I deliberately blistered the paint with a heat gun.What do you call those plastic things that clamp bread or produce bags closed? Whatever they are, they're free, and they're everywhere. I started collecting these thingamabobs this past summer, figuring I could use them in something. And they just kept piling up as we bought bread for The Boy's sandwiches. I guess 21st century childrearing brings a lot of plastic into my life. On behalf of my art, I thank The Boy and TwoBoo for their contributions. The stones will go on the bottom of this page. I think I'll add a few more elements before everything gets pasted down.