They can't all be winners

I ripped out the last page I did because it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted. Today I tried a little monoprinting, inspired by the latest Crusade over at Michelle Ward's Street Team blog.
You need a bold stamp to make this work, like the one on the right. But most of my stamps are very detailed... the one on the left wasn't really up to the monoprinting job.
Hated it. Hate hate hated it.
Except maybe this one. But I painted over all of it. It just wasn't working for what I wanted.

I consoled myself by examining my new additions to the paper stash.Even shooting these pictures was aggravating. It took forever to get a halfway interesting shot.

I take it back -- not every last thing turned out crappy. I got the patterned paper bit right, and got the bonus shadow image too.
Enough for one day.