Mother of two

This was my first Mother's Day as a mother of two. The Husband and boys took me to lunch, but I think I would've been too wiped to manage even that if TwoBoo were still under three months old. So that's one of many things I'm grateful for this year.
Each small person made (or had His People make) me a present at day care. The Boy drew me and him next to a tree in his multi-page card. This one says, "I pick flowers for my Mommy. She's special because she makes breakfast for me." (He was nice enough not to mention my constant reminders to chew with his mouth closed.)

TwoBoo's people made me a couple of foam flowers with his face in the center, plus some coupons like "Good for one hug" and "good for one day of no whining" and "good for one breakfast in bed." (Like to see that last one -- done by someone who can't yet sit up unassisted.)
For any of you about to take a baby out to lunch, here's an easy toy: Wrap a bib around the infant carrier handle and let him/her grab for it. Genius!
This would be one of the few moments when The Boy wasn't testing his boundaries this weekend. On Friday, he colored on his cot cover at day care. On Saturday, he ran away from The Husband at the supermarket -- repeatedly. Today he persisted in applying sunblock (when we were on our way home) after he was asked not to. This was after he almost made me a mother of one again, by running after a ball that bounced into the street.

Well... he's four.

And both of them are a lot better-behaved than many kids, so I'm grateful. The best thing: raising them with The Husband. 'Cause someone might not make it to age five without The Husband helping me maintain my perspective.