And yes, you can quote me on that

Whoo, it's a good thing I have friends to keep track of things that aren't in front of me and on fire.

My friend Denise noodged me on Facebook this morning:

"Lisa, I just got my hands on LK Ludwig's new Collaborative Art Journals book. I noticed a couple quotes from you. Did any of your artwork get published as well?"

Um... uh... I don't know! Gobsmacked, stunned, pleased as punch and stuff.

Sometime last year, LK had put out a call to artists to ask them why they create art, if I remember correctly. But I was pregnant at the time, so I may have dredged up something completely different from the sludge of memory. When I pick up a copy, I'll correct myself then. Meanwhile...


EDIT: The first response answered LK's question about the power of collaborative art and why artists participated in their various projects. The second addressed the impact of the Internet, email and blogging on collaborative art. Don't strain your eyes looking at my cell phone pictures -- go buy your copy to find out what I said!