Tarot card #4

"Hello, beautiful. Come downstairs and see my lovely etchings/aquarium/antiques."He does kinda look like a smooth criminal. The title came to me before the image -- I was going to paint a silhouette, but stumbled across him as I was going through my image stash.
Ever meet someone who seems to be wholly incapable of understanding your point of view, even if the person can summarize it just fine? A person who honestly thinks his or her intentions outweigh their destructive words/actions? Oh, even better -- the person who insults you as they apologize? "Sorry if you were offended."

A few of them are sociopaths, some are borderline personalities. (I believe the technical term for most of them is, as The Husband once put it, "schmuck!")

That's the Quicksilver Man. The one who slips through your fingers as you try to pin down what this person's deal is.

Yes, his butt is facing the wrong way. The image was originally from a vintage poster advertising a contortionist. The rest is tissue paper printed with the basement of a large building, and an alligator-textured paper. The gator paper isn't usually shiny, but just before I sealed it with gel medium I realized, "hellooo! Reptile! Coat it with gloss gel medium!" Brilliant sometimes, I am.

I have the next two sketched out, but it may take a while before I get them done. You know how it is.

Posted on July 29, 2009 and filed under "personal art".