The Light of Winter, day 10

I'll make these next few posts quick, since I shoulda posted them before Christmas. Ahem.

I think this year was the first one might've detected the Light of Anticipation in our house. This year, The Boy has asked real questions about what Christmas is actually about, starting with when we could put up Christmas stockings.
Those were the questions I could answer easily, like why we didn't have a Christmas tree up (officially: because we didn't want TwoBoo to pull the tree onto himself. Realistically: because we didn't want to spend all our time running interference between TwoBoo, a Christmas tree, and a thousand crushable ornaments).

Some questions were much harder, like Joseph's relationship to Jesus (which is easy to answer, until you add in why Daddy believes one thing about Jesus while Mommy believes another). Good thing I started going to church again, so I could try to answer these questions for myself before The Boy began asking. Thinking of it that way, I guess the light of anticipation has been shining in this house since this summer.