The Crab Claw, part 3 & 4

I have decided to take mercy on your poor readin' souls. Today, you get parts three and four -- that's right, two in one day!

The recap:
Once there was a girl who was born with a crab claw where her right hand should have been. At first, no one seemed to notice the claw itself, but they did notice what it clung to: words, hair, other people. As she grew, her clutch turned..."... on what? What?!"
"... but she what?! Tell us!"

Oh, this is so much fun.
See the glossy swirls in the paper? I'd tried sealing the paper as I usually do, with matte medium and surprise! the medium takes away the gloss. Turns out gloss gel medium is what's needed.The bread bag clips I used for these close-up ATCs were about twice as large as the usual. I think I picked them up two summers ago at the company picnic; they were holding the institutional-size packs of hot dog and hamburger buns. I must've picked up about fifteen of the regular and jumbo clips off the ground before I started feeling like I was scavenging in someone's garbage and stopped.

Tomorrow: we delve further into our heroine's peril, and await her rescue.