My first big sale!

I went into the Edmonds Art Walk trying to be reasonable about what was likely to happen last night:

... lots of conversations about the pieces... lots of cards handed out.
In other words, no sales, just getting myself and my name Out There.

I did all of those things, and had a really good time exhibiting at The Resident Cheesemonger. Just doing that was pretty enjoyable for someone who occasionally had a problem "visiting" in class [waves hand in the air wildly].

In particular, I remember a couple named Donna and Mike who were each wearing some very cool handmade necklaces. There was also a girl, who came in with her parents and her Peruvian grandmother, who actually knew the Grimm's Fairy Tale "The Swan Princes", which inspired one of my paintings.
And Cheryl was lots of fun to talk to, between customers coming in to snack on samples. (Damn good cheese, and they have something like 100 different varieties. Mmmmm.)

But come on... the whole point of participating in an exhibition, no matter how small or eclectic, is to sell something. Send a piece of art home with someone who wants to keep seeing that thing you made.

So I was a little disappointed when no one bought anything. I figured someone would at least pick up a notebook -- they were only $25. No. I was going to have to take my "Nymph and Child" assemblage home in a box like a newborn kitten.

But as I was packing up, Strom Peterson (the owner of The Resident Cheesemonger) decided his mom would love having the assemblage in her art collection.


Really? The most expensive piece, not one of the others?
So I handed him my card quickly so he spelled my name right on the check. And Strom became my Art Patron for the night.