Artfest-day two of classes + Vendor Night

Apparently the art region of my brain requires a sacrifice each time I go to an art retreat. Day two of Artfest threw itself onto the altar screaming.
Things started off well in "Palette-ability"... Stephanie Lee was relaxed and funny as she worked the paint scraper, gift cards and palette knives. And she thoroughly approved of my rock-star-remedy for early morning sunshine in the eyes.
But I didn't take notes... and the frustration mounted as I began to forget earlier steps in the demo... plus other stuff my head that wouldn't go away even after lunch break... Well, the point is, I didn't make anything in this class. I explained what was going on to Stephanie, and she graciously busied herself elsewhere as I packed up and left.

Others managed quite well, though...check these out. I think these ones were done by Melody Ross.

After a nap and dinner, things brightened up a bit: Vendor Night!
I'd hoped to find a necklace that combined ribbon and metal: some of our fellow Artfesters make amazing works of art in this vein. And Liesel Lund had just such a necklace!
Besides ribbon, she also incorporated green sea glass, a vintage button, and a little sun charm. (You can see it up close on Liesel's homepage.) I scooped it up the moment I saw it, much to the displeasure of Norma Hoeppner (she's the blonde on the left).
Hey, Norma was already trying on a pink and blue necklace which looked great on her! Nevertheless, she and Nancy Orlikow gave me crap about how Norma would never recover from the loss. Eh... both of them are therapists. They can help each other work through it, right? Right. Glad you agree with me.