How did that happen?

It's been said about raising children that the days are long, but the years are short.
The Boy may be ready for first grade soon... he can handle the academic part. But our local school district is pretty hard-core about the cut-off dates: The kid must be five by the beginning of the school year for kindergarten, six for first grade, unless your kid can pass all the elements of an early-entrance psychological assessment.

Geez. In my day, you just had to be the right age by like early December.
TwoBoo has had his first haircut last month (the barber missed a spot, though). Once again, he looks like a smaller, chubbier version of The Boy. But he's still young enough -- and flexible enough -- to gnaw on his right foot occasionally. Then he'll look at me and smack his lips like he's eating barbecue. Shoeless Joe much prefers to walk now, if not run. Usually with one shoe and sock missing.
I'm telling you, that child moves faster than a virus through day care.

Next up: the constant ferrying of children between this activity and that. I am not a fan of scheduling a child within an inch of his life (partly because humans need time to just be, and partly because I'm Slacker Mom). But that's kind of what's on the horizon, when and if I can find transportation for The Boy. I work weird hours at my day job, so I can't leave work at 3 to shuttle the kids all over creation and then take them home for dinner. The Husband has a contract gig right now, which would help pay for these "extras that are really necessities" but again, time restrictions. You can't just sashay out for soccer practice when you're not a full-timer.

I think The Boy will need to do the same activity as his friend(s) so I can pay the other kid's parent gas money in exchange for a ride. Or something. How do you guys handle that stuff? Help a sistah out and throw some ideas my way in the comments, no?