You're not dragging me down with you!

"Work of Art" contestants: Cover your face or cross your arms if you're sick of these "partner up with your competitor" challenges.
Switzerland announced the remaining six artists would pair up for an "opposites attract" challenge: Heaven and Hell, Order and Chaos, Male and Female. The Mad Hatter actually said "Holy shit" at this news. To be more specific:

So it's Mad Hatter & Goofy, Tortured & Designated Hotness, and Swanky & Cartoony. At first, it looks like S&W will be the dynamic duo: great conceptual work with amazing energy.
But pretty soon it's clear no one really knows what the hell to do except Swanky and Tortured. And Tortured mainly just wants to get DH naked. For the art, of course. (Well, that's what she does; she might as well do it in a Male/Female artwork.) Speaking of manipulative little drama queens, Tortured outs himself as such twice just in this episode: getting DH to strip for their art piece (not difficult) and admitting he got Starvingartist to hold back on using a material Tortured wanted to use.
All the pieces pretty much sucked.
I think the artists were shaken because this is at least the second time in a row that the challenge is too damn broad to produce something interesting in a matter of hours. Let the blame-storming and throwing-under-the-bus begin!
Goofy says he was just going along with the Mad Hatter's idea; MH says he didn't bring anything to the table. The judges allow Tortured to suck up and throw in his two cents. Long story short, the Heaven and Hell piece was too literal. Goofy goes home. And for some reason, Switzerland actually tears up delivering the news.
Why? It's not like she was fighting for him to get a second chance! WTF? Maybe you can explain it to me in the comments.