In the rear-view

I was a busy girl this year... hadn't even really thought about it until the post-holiday lull.
I exhibited art in my first juried exhibit...
sold art and books with my art in them, at two Art Walks...
... and a miniatures show -- even though my inner critic kept whispering to me that I'd be a total failure at all of them. (Thanks to Ricë and Diana for ammunition against that sumbitch.) Which led me to create a fan friends page on Facebook. Confidence mounting bit by bit.

I saved my artwork from a failed gallery 3,000 miles away, partly with the help of Facebook. And when I wasn't stressed out about that, I worried about how The Boy would do in first grade (ahem -- a year early).
He's doing really well as a student  -- his teacher says he's "a math leader" -- and an artist. He's turning into a Real Person before my eyes. So is TwoBoo, who charms pretty much everyone he meets. And whose vocabulary is now developed enough to say clearly: "I... don't... like it, Mama."
So many firsts for them: TwoBoo's first haircut, The Boy's first school bus ride, TwoBoo going to a friend's birthday party, The Boy clearly reciting Hanukkah candle blessings. And they still like to play with each other. Amazing.
Although I really enjoyed the exhibits I did this year, I'm going to spend 2011 a little bit differently. An art/business class I took made me realize I need to spend more time building up art inventory. And I think The Boy and TwoBoo may make more appearances when we venture to art shows and venues. The whole art-and-motherhood thing hasn't been easy -- or possible -- sometimes. But a conversation with two of my favorite people reminded me it gets easier to integrate these bits of life.

Happy New Year to all my friends and lurkers, from Chilliwack, BC and the Czech Republic to Marysville, Washington and Malaysia -- I'd love to hear from you in the comments or on Facebook!