*cough snort sneeze* Sorry for the absence

Never mind the coughing and wheezing.
Must... get... back... to power tools.

See the bits of sawdust dirtying up the photo? Once the kids were out of the house, I got serious about sanding away the labels on the cigar boxes I'm going to use in my next project. Note the fabulous protective gear. (Especially the scarf. Believe me when I tell you that curly hair will hold on like death to particles of sawdust if you don't cover up beforehand.)
Sometime after I peeled off this "bank-robbing alien" costume, I sealed the boxes with matte medium. I've been beating myself up a bit for not moving forward faster on this in particular, and not making more art in general. Which is stupid, since I have been journal spilling, at least.

And January in this house means prepping for The Boy's birthday party, plus cleverly rearranging junk piles cleaning up for the grandparents' visits. It's just that I should get a move on with this project before I hate its guts and lose whatever momentum I have left. I may have to -- gasp -- set a schedule and stick to it. Gaaah.